We Help Multi-Unit Franchise Operators Create & Retain
Happy, Connected, Loyal Employees

Small Software is an Employee
Relationship Management App

Trusted by more than 10,000+ daily users

Imagine a centralized hub to stay in relationship with
your employees and keep them coming back to work.

For many franchise owner-operators, their systems to train, retain, and communicate with employees
are either duct-taped across multiple logins, or even worse, non-existent.

Now with Small Software you can...

Get off the hiring hamster wheel

Get off the hiring hamster wheel

Keep happy people by keeping people happy. Employees
stay longer when they feel connected and respected. We
help reduce employee “churnover”* with better
human-to-human relationships.

Churnover (n): the continual and frustrating state of hiring & training employees only to have them quit.

Put your company culture into action

Put your company culture into action

Create a tight-knit team by transmitting your values and initiatives with regular 2-way communication and easy access to resources.

Head off potential people problems at a glance

Head off potential people problems at a glance

See the dashboard to spot trends and performance
with data from regular surveys & comments
from your teams.

Reduce stress & reduce liability

Reduce stress & reduce liability

By improving communications and automating processes,
Small Software will help reduce your daily “brush fires.” Easily
document employee engagement & verified channels of communication in the case of conflicts.

“The operational efficiencies and visibility to actionable data has made a world of difference for our team members.”

– Leigh Chamness
Ison Family Restaurants, 18 McDonald’s locations

Why our users


Easy Onboarding

Get all your people up and running in as little as one week

Mobile App

Be in the back pocket of all your employees while giving them the tools to work happier.

No-Brainer ROI

Get all the features you need to manage employee relationships with a single login